Each year, the Asian Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) offers several one thousand dollar ($1,000) scholarships to students who are matriculating toward earning their Bachelor degree. The scholarships are awarded based upon the applicant’s service to, and/or leadership in the community, and on the applicant’s commitment to continue providing such service and/or leadership.

The Scholarship Committee encourages students of all races to apply, as the scholarships will be awarded without consideration to the applicant’s race or ethnic origin. The applications are due in early July each year. The scholarships will be presented at AWE’s Annual Awards Luncheon in the late September or early October timeframe. AWE provides equal opportunities to all applicants regardless of sex, race, color, marital, religion, ancestry, national origin, or other non-merit related factors.

2024 Scholarship Instructions


The Asian Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Educational Scholarship Program has awarded 75 educational scholarships to
deserving students since the program inception in 2007. This achievement has been possible thanks to the support
of our members, corporate sponsors and donors.


Ngoc Dao Huynh, Coastline Community College
Amelia Le, Coastline Community College
Evelyn Liu, University of California, Irvine
Dan Anthony A. Morallo, Cal Poly Pomona

Olivia Ocampo, Concordia University
Cambria Rapp, Chaffey Community College
Melanie Pau Tanner, Coastline Community College

Sarah Wei Carpenter, University of California, Davis
Michelle Tran, University of California, Irvine

Due to COVID – no scholarship winners

Stacey St. Clair, Concordia
Faith Silzal, Concordia
Kathleen Murphy, CA State University, Long Beach
John Grammer
Lieh Phung, Coastline Community College

Susan Eschelbach, Concordia Concordia
Ruth Larson, Concordia University
Nhi (Natalie) Tran, Coastline Community College
Asia O’Neil, Concordia University
Kelly Nguyen, Coastline Community College
Ronan Walsh, University State University, Fullerton

Graham, MacKenzie, Concordia University
Kreinheder, Madison Marie, Concordia University
Large, Abby, Concordia University
Leones, Alyssa, Coastline Community College
Celeste Shoeleh, University of CA, Irvine

Tien Dang, CA State University, Long Beach
Emily English, Concordia University, Irvine Campus
Julie Kanemura, Concordia University, Irvine Campus
Truc Nguyen, Coastline Community College
Natasha Takahashi, University of Southern CA
​Lauran Youngsma, Concordia University, Irvine Campus

Maryjane Do, CA State University, Long Beach
​Kimmai Hoang, Coastline Community College
​Thuy Tien Huynh, CA State University, Long Beach
​Thuy Thu Le, Coastline Community College
​Rachel Roesler, Concordia University, Irvine
​Tiffany Tsai, University of CA, Berkeley
​Phoebe Weaver, Concordia University, Irvine

Megan Doan, CA State University, Fullerton
​Jacquelyn Hirzel, Concordia University, Irvine
Michelle Martir, Concordia University
Quyen Phan, Coastline Community College
Megan Ward, Simpson University

Destini Copley, Hope International University
​Hong Ngyet Dai, Coastline Community College
​Dao Thianh Ha, Coastline Community College
Kelsey Maria Whelan, Rio Hondo Community College
Sean Whelan, Rio Hondo Community College

Garrett Hara, University of CA, Los Angeles
Meiqin Li, CA State University, Long Beach
Brittnea Reich, CA State University, San Bernardino

German Guillen, University of CA, Davis
​Kenneth Lee, Golden West Community College
​Meredith Maimon, University of CA, Berkeley
​Jeffrey Robin, University of CA, Santa Barbara
​Elizabeth Nelson, Ashland College
​Huynh Quang Nguyen, CA State University, Fullerton
​Linda Nguyen, Coastline Community College
​George Quezada, Coastline Community College

Lobna Botros, Coastline Community College
​Melissa Marie Caringal, University of CA, Riverside
​Alexandria Crownover, Orange Coast College
​Kevin Dang Ho, Coastline Community College
Anna Magga, Coastline Community College

Anton Lorenzo Dizon, Santa Monica College
​Jeffrey David Enriquez, University of CA, Riverside
Kathleen Mariko Murphy, Golden West College
My Hanh Nguyen, CA State University, Fullerton
​Christina My Trinh, CA State University, Long Beach

Serina Dutcher-Centers, CA State University, Fullerton
Jeanine Medina, Irvine Valley College

Nikesha Gipsohn, Concordia University
​Cynthia Kim Nguyen, CA State University, Fullerton
​Tan D. Nguyen, Coastline Community College